On Sculpture: The Infinite(-simal)

My mission as an artist is to create work that speaks to a scientific exploration of the world we live in. I believe great artists are as much teachers as they are creators. An artist chooses for himself/herself something that interests him/her, often times intuitively without much thought, and then problem solves a way to visually represent often a very abstract idea. At the core of things, artists are simply problem solvers, problem solvers that in numerous ways intellectually operate very much like scientists. There is a reason the “arts & sciences” are usually named together.

It is important to me that the research I do to educate myself on the work I aim to create and the thought process that leads me through an idea be represented in the work. In essence, the research is as much important to the work as the work itself. My sculptures incorporate a reclamation of natural materials in order to breath new life into a now lifeless organism. The natural world we live in fascinates me, and subconsciously I think fascinates everyone on some level. Taking an interest in the world is important for so many reasons. We as humans can better understand the effects we as a species have on the ecosystems of the world and can make strides toward protecting those ecosystems. If we better understand our planet’s climate and atmosphere we can better learn how to protect it from pollution produced by the things we have grown accustomed to in order to live comfortable lives. I also believe that understanding the vast complexities of nature can have benefits to our mental health. When one realizes we are but a blip in time on a planet the size of a grain of sand, in relation to the known universe, suddenly, ego shrivels up and drops away. And in my opinion, ego is the nucleus of all conflict in the world. A contemplation on nature and a sense of humility go hand in hand.

For any inquiries about my work, a discussion of my process, collector and/or exhibition questions, or if you would just like to say hello and have a conversation, please do not hesitate to reach out with the message box below. Thank You.

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